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The marketing strategy of Svilosa AD is based on the principles of thorough selection of strategic markets in countries with high import capacity and establishment of long-term partnerships. The company's trade policy is export-orientated. As a result almost 85% of the produced kraft pulp gets exported. Main foreign markets are Turkey, Greece, Germany, Italy, Serbia, Romania, Egypt.

The sales philosophy of the companies of Svilosa group reflects the following priorities:

  • Flexibility and immediate response to changes in the market situation.
  • Efficient permanent communication with our customers.
  • Full customer satisfaction by providing high quality products, quick and timely service.
  • Adoption of opinion and recommendations of our customers as a catalyst for quality improvement.

Our customer base is expanding constantly, as the company currently supplies its main product to 70 end users of hardwood pulp. About 70% of them are producers of tissue paper, and the remaining 30 percent are manufacturers of writing and printing papers, and cardboard packaging. One hundred percent of our production is destined for the market.

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