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Svilosa AD is company realizing its responsibility in health and environmental protection. The adoption and implementation of the European environmental standards is guarantee for the company sustainable development and the successful increase of market positions.

The Company implements the following production policy:

  • Wastes recycling;
  • Waters recovering;
  • Eco-friendly production;
  • Emission control;

The company mission to strengthen its leading position in the bleached kraft pulp production in Bulgaria and on the Balkan Peninsula is successfully matched with Svilosa motto “Pulp in harmony with nature”. In this regard the efforts are directed to Environmental policy development and the company’s green image confirmation.

Svilosa achievements are guarded by the prestigious international certificates which are confirmation for the company compliance with global standards in the relevant areas , i.e. Certificate for participation in the global initiative “Responsible care”, issued by the Bulgarian Commercial Chamber; Certificate of approval the Management System to the following standarts ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018. Svilocell is certified by FSC® /Forest Stewardship Council/ and set up, implements and maintains Control system for CoC (chain of custody).