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Svilosa - 15 years after privatization

A privatization process took place in Svilosa during the period 1997-2002 as the residual state share of 15% was sold in 2002.

After the privatization an audit and restructuring of the available production processes was carried on. The different productions and activities were transformed in separated companies. As the most perspective was evaluated the pulp production where the owner and management of Svilosa focused their efforts, i.e. renovation, modernization and development of the production facility.

One year before the privatization, i.e. 1999, the Company was one of the few working but in debt and in very bad financial situation close to insolvency.

15 years after the privatization Svilosa is a company with renovated and extended production facilities consequence of a complete reconstruction and modernization.

For the past 15 years Svilosa achieved the following results according to the Consolidated financial statements:

            BGN 1,23miliard - total revenues,

            Incl. about BGN 1,18miliard revenues in currency from export.

            BGN 86mln. - paid for salaries;

            BGN 25mln. - paid for social security;

            BGN 2,7mln. - income tax expense;

            BGN 147mln. - EBIDTA

            BGN 30mln. - profit after tax;

            BGN 152mln. - investments;

The importance of the company in national and regional plan is obvious. Over 90% of the sales revenue comes from export. The Company has supported the State balance payment with currency proceeds exceeding BGN 1mlrd. At the same time the prevailing part from the used raw materials, services and other costs are locally produced.

The Company provides employment and relatively high standard of remuneration of its employees. Besides Svilosa/Svilocell supported the local business with deliveries for more than BGN 1mlrd and investments in amount of BGN 152mln..

The implemented large-scale investment aimed to Pulp mill reconstruction and implementation of the best international and European environmental practices is followed by the management efforts to reach the maximum production capacity through new production facilities installed at the Pulp mill. In short-term plan the Company management invests relatively limited amounts in projects with quick returns and projects financed by European funds. The conditions of work and buildings are constantly improved.

The reconstruction implemented at Pulp mill is a solid base for the future development of the Company. The ongoing projects are related to waste products utilization, co-generation for waste biomass utilization and production of pulp and products thereof. 

In regard to the 15 years celebration from the privatization the management of Svilosa invited all of its customers and partners to visit the Pulp Mill on site where they will be able to become familiar with the achievements and results reached during the last years. The investments in modernization and reconstruction of production facilities and buildings created the Pulp Mill contemporary vision The increased production capacity consequence of the large reconstruction implemented in 2007 led to impressive achievements during the past years as production volume increase following the main company motto – “Pulp in harmony with nature”.

All our partners and customers are kindly invited to visit the Pulp Mill within the period 15 June – 15 July 2014 as they inform in advance for the date of their visit.

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