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Verification of costs under project BG051PO001-2.2.03-0330


Human Resources Development Operational Programme

Investment in your future

On Macrh 1st, 2014 Svilocell EAD started its second project BG051PO001-2.2.03-0330 – Ensuring transport from and to the workplace of Svilocell EAD’s employees under Human Resources Development Programme (OP HRD). The Project is implemented with the financial support of European Social Fund (ESF) through OP HRD under the scheme BG051РО001-2.2.03 – On the road.

The total amount of the approved costs for project implementation amounts to BGN 59 016,04. The grant by the Contracting Authority is in amount of 100% of the total approved costs.

On January 22nd, 2015 Svilocell EAD received a letter from the Employment Agency stating that after they have implemented a technical and financial verification of the documents attached to the requirement for intermediate payment by the beneficiary Svilocell EAD, costs in amount of BGN 26 368,05 were verified.

Currently the project is still implemented and it is expected to end in the end of May 2015.

“The current document is implemented with the financial support of European Social Fund. Svilocell EAD bears the whole responsibility for the content of the document herewith and in no way could be accepted as an official position of European Union or Employment Agency.”

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