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Svilosa AD/Svilocell EAD has bought 380 000 tons hard wood within the period December 2009 – September 2010, thus being the biggest wood consumer in Bulgaria. The payment is currently – two times per month.

Svilosa’s Management announces additional bonuses to the main contract prices for the winter period from October 2010 to February 2011 which concern the total wood quantity delivered for each month from all companies and National Forestries all together.

  • Delivery of 20 000 t/m total – bonus of 1 BGN/t delivered
  • Delivery of 25 000 t/m total – bonus of 1.50 BGN/t or totally accumulated 2.50 BGN/t.
  • Delivery of 30 000 t/ m total – bonus of 1.50 BGN/t or totally accumulated 4.00BGN/t.
  • Delivery of 35 000 t/m total – bonus of 1 BGN/t or totally accumulated 5.00BGN/t.

The three of the companies that are to deliver the biggest wood quantities for the whole period will be rewarded with holiday for two for 7 days on island Cyprus.
The three of the National Forestries from where is exported the biggest wood quantity for the whole period through suppliers or direct contracts will be rewarded as follow: first place – a car Lada Niva; second place – three chain saws STIHL; third place – one chain saw STIHL.
Current information for the delivered wood quantities will be published once a week in Telegraph newspaper.
For signing contracts and additional information please contact Mr. Lyuben Lyubenov at the following mobile number 0887 613180 and e-mail: bioresurs@svilosa.bg

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