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Soil Improver ПН-98

ПН-98 (calcium carbonate 100%) is a soil improver used for soil acidity neutralization, registered under No.0103 by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, Bulgarian Food Safety Agency. If you process agricultural land consisting of acidic soils, this is the appropriate product for you.

How the Soil Acidity Neutralizer will be useful for your agricultural activities?

With its high content of Calcium Carbonate and high pH content, this product is very appropriate improving material for acidic soils or soils with a tendency to acidification.

The product has an advantage over the conventional fertilizers. The nutrient regime of soils is harmonized by the optimization of soil reaction, the mobility and the absorption of heavy metals in it are reduced. The physical properties of soil - water permeability, structure, aeration, etc. are improved.

By normalizing the pH content in the soil, your crop will grow normally and will absorb thoroughly the minerals from the soil, which will reduce the quantity of the deposited mineral fertilizers.

ПН-98 is an appropriate ecologically clean improving material. The product can be used freely both in the classic farming and in the production of bio products. The product is a suitable additive in composting and creating soil - peat mixtures for different plant and tree species.

Liming as a chemical amelioration activity is extremely important agrochemical and agro-technical process and necessary condition for intensification of agricultural production on acidic soils, increasing fertility and the effect of mineral fertilization.

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