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Press conference for completion of project BG051PO001-2.2.03-0330


Human Resources Development Operational Programme

Investment in your future


Today, May 15th, 2015 was carried out the press conference concerning the completion of the project BG051PO001-2.2.03-0330 Ensuring transport from and to the workplace of Svilocell EAD’s employees. The project should be finished by the end of May.

“We are extremely grateful for the granted opportunity to implement this project. We believe that one of our great advantages is namely the skillful people working for the company. That’s why we are happy we managed to give them this type of service, thus increasing not only their motivation but also the competitiveness of the company as a whole” said Mr. Petko Petkov – Human resources manager in Svilocell EAD.

The total amount of the project is BGN 59 016,04. The grant by the European Social Fund is in amount of 100% of the total approved costs. Currently a technical and financial verification of the documents for intermediate payment under project BG051PO001-2.2.03-0330 has been implemented and costs in amount of BGN 26 368,05 were verified. The rest of the amount should be verified once the project is completed.

“The current document is implemented with the financial support of European Social Fund. Svilocell EAD bears the whole responsibility for the content of the document herewith and in no way could be accepted as an official position of European Union or Employment Agency.”