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Svilocell EAD- Svishtov with the notification hereby informs all interested persons and entities that a meeting for public discussion will be held in reference to the Company's intention to registry its Project "Svilosa Biomass Boiler" under the voluntary carbon mechanism Gold Standard. The Boiler was build and commissioned in 2004. With the support of the World Bank it was registered as the first project in Eastern Europe successfully completed under the Joint Implementation (JI) Mechanism of the Kyoto Protocol of the UNFCCC.  Since the completion of the duration of the Joint Implementation Mechanism the Project will be extended by the Mechanism of trade with voluntary emission reductions.  For the period after 2012 this is an appropriate form for companies working in the field of environmental protection, to financially support the rehabilitation of basic facilities of its existing plants and to continue reducing emissions of greenhouse gases.

The meeting will be held on August 21, 2014 (Thursday) at 10:30AM in the Municipality Hall 1 of Svishtov.

For contacts in regard to the public discussion with the Contracting Authority

Svilocell EAD

Bulgaria, 5250 Svishtov

Zapadna industrialna zona

Phone: +359 631 411 41

e-mail: svilocell@svilosa.bg