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Announcement TECEKO


Dear All,

In regard to licensing the activity of TECEKO EOOD – company for distribution and supply of natural gas at the area of Svishov Municipality and on the ground of article 27 from the Instruction for the Natural gas prices regulation adopted with Ordinance 131 of the Ministerial Council from June 15, 2004, published at State Gazette 55/June 06, 2004, amendments SG 64/August 07, 2007 and SG 2/January 08, 2010, TECEKO EOOD will propose at the State Energy and Water Regulatory Commission marginal prices for natural gas distribution and supply for regulatory period 2013-2017 to be approved.

I. Prices for natural gas distribution

  • Industrial consumers with annual consumption as follow:
       - To 100k nm³ 126,68 BGN/k nm³
       - From 100k nm³ to 500k nm³ 107,66 BGN/k nm³
       - From 500k nm³ to 1 000k nm³ 85,08 BGN/k nm³
       - Over 1 000 k nm³ 36,83 BGN/k nm³
  • For public-administrative and legal entities
179,71 BGN/k nm³
  • For natural entities
234,82 BGN/k nm³

II. Prices for natural gas supply

  • Industrial consumers all subgroups
8,19 BGN/k nm³
  • For public-administrative and legal entities
9,04 BGN/k nm³
  • For natural entities
17,43 BGN/k nm³

Since the lack of own site the company published the information at Svilosa site. Later on the information will be posted on TECEKO site when designed.